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The grounds of the property served as the first United States branch mint in the state, specializing exclusively in gold coinage in the early 1800s. Now, The Mint 425 stands as a modern oasis in the heart of Uptown Charlotte. A place one can slip away after a long day, without ever having to leave the city. A place of sophisticated comfort, superior amenities, and most important of all, a place to call home.

The history books tend to focus on the California gold rush, but they usually fail to mention the first actual gold rush on American soil. North Carolina gave rise to the first gold mine in the United States. Miners of the time had to pack raw ore they found, and send it off to Philadelphia, on what was usually a dangerous journey, just so that it could be processed and minted into gold coins. After some discourse, North Carolinians convinced the United States government to step in. In 1835, the U.S. government approved an act to establish several branch mints, with the Charlotte Mint amongst those. To this day, the Charlotte Mint is recognized as the first United States mint branch that specialized in gold coinage. From its decades of operation, it managed to produce some of the rarest and still highly sought-after coinage. They are still some of the most desired items for currency collecting today.

The Mint 425 still retains a focus on authenticity and quality. Our mission now is to provide Charlotte with something more valuable than gold; We aim to provide a superior living experience in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.


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The Mint 425

425 West Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
(980) 549-4154

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